Guestmanager by DAPP AG

Our guestmanager is a state of the art online-based guest management system that uses the latest security standards. The system provides solutions for the entire guest management process including invitations and online registrations, ticketing and check-in as well as evaluation and follow-up. Due to the modular system architecture, the client has the ability to select from the services available. Our guestmanager offers excellent flexibility in terms of content and layout to suit each client’s individual needs.


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Distribution of capacities
The distribution of capacities, enables the client to allocate event-capacities, hotel rooms and seats in shuttles or in the venues itself to selected groups of guests. During the registration process, guests can only choose from the package that was allocated to them.

Posting of invitations
Following our client's sign-off for the individual event packages, invitations will be sent to the guests via HTML-emails containing a personalised link to the event's website. Alternatively, invites can be posted as individual hard copy invitations.



Online registration
Guests will be directed to the event website via personalised links and can access that site with their user name and password. The website content includes general event information and a guest registration area. In the registration area, guests can specify the required number of hotel rooms, health and dietary restrictions, and other information. In the download section guests can access directions and other relevant information for the event.

We can produce individual tickets in credit card format with a branded layout. These cards are designed and produced by DAPP AG in close co-operation with our clients, and dispatched 2 weeks prior to the event.

Guest check-in is based on unique QR codes for the relevant event.

Dapp AG also provides a service hotline for guests that is available from the date invitations are sent out until one week after the event. During weekdays the service hotline can be accessed from 10 am to 6 pm and during the event from 8 am to midnight.

In the weeks and months after the event, guests can view and download pictures in a secured area on the event’s website.

We offer a detailed analysis of participant data following the respective events. Our system provides for an overview of the current number of participants and key data at each point during the event.

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