DAPP AG - Hospitality Solutions

Headquartered in Munich, Germany, DAPP AG is an independent founder-managed hospitality agency specializing in conception, planning and implementation of corporate events, incentives and VIP-hospitality. We have developed a state of the art online-based guest management system that we employ as a key component of our services.

Our aim is to provide guests with a unique experience. Therefore, all our efforts including efficient project management, detailed planning and professional implementation of each project are tailored towards this particular goal.

Our event team has 20 years of relevant industry experience, gathered through both national and international events. Our client base comprises well-known multinational corporations as well as small and medium enterprises looking for an experienced and performance-orientated partner.

Contact Details

Heimstettner Strasse 2
85551 Kirchheim/Munich

Phone: +49 89 890 63 60 30
Fax: +49 89 890 63 60 35

Email: info@dapp-ag.com