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Guestmanager by DAPP EVENTS is a state-of-the-art, online-based guest management system using the latest security standards. It provides a unique platform to efficiently and cost-effectively manage the entire guest management process online, including invitations and online registration, ticketing and check-in, as well as evaluations and follow-ups. The modular architecture of the system allows clients to individually select required services, ensuring excellent flexibility in terms of content and layout.

Guestmanager by DAPP EVENTS - modular online guest management

Combine and book modules according to your individual needs.

Allocation of capacities

This module enables the client to allocate event capacities, hotel rooms, and shuttle or venue seats to individual guests. During the registration process guests can only see and choose from the package that was allocated to them.

Invitation mailings

Following our clients’ approval of individual event packages, invitations will be sent to their guests via HTML-emails that contain a personalised link to the event website. Alternatively, invites can be posted as individual hard copy invitations.

Online registration

Guests will be directed to the event website via personalised links, enabling them to login with their user name and password. The website provides general event information and a guest registration area where guests can specify their individual needs such as number of hotel rooms, health and dietary requirements, as well as any other details.


We are able to provide individual credit card-sized tickets featuring a branded layout. These cards are designed and produced by DAPP EVENTS in close co-operation with our clients and will be dispatched duly prior to the event.


Our guest check-in is based on unique QR codes for the relevant event.

Customer service

DAPP EVENTS also provides a customer service contact number for guests. Lines are open from the date that the invitations were sent out until one week after the event. Lines operate on weekdays between 10am and 6pm and on the day of the event from 8am to midnight.


Following the event, guests can view and download pictures in a secured area on the event’s website.


We offer a detailed analysis of participant data for each event. Our system provides an overview of key data such as the current number of participants at any given time throughout the event.

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